Isle of Man 2023

Isle of Man: Photographing Victorian Railways and Vintage Transport

April 2023 (10 days)

Dates to be confirmed, provisionally Saturday 15th April until Sunday 23rd April 2023

Join us for the ultimate transport photographic tour to the Isle of Man to savour its unique and historic transport system. Four days are planned on the Steam Railway which dates from 1873 and still uses many of the steam locomotives and vintage rolling stock which operated in the 1900s. At least four locomotives should be available including the legendary Caledonia and a variety of stock will be used to recreate the ambience of days gone by (though it should be remembered that the railways are not ‘preserved’ and are still very much a working rail system using heritage locos and stock).

We will also visit the Manx Electric Railway which runs from Derby Castle in Douglas, through Laxey with its world-famous working waterwheel, and on to Ramsey in the north of the Island. The route dates from 1893 and it’s two original tramcars are the oldest surviving continuously-operational trams in service anywhere. The scenery is fantastic and photo opportunities abound; we expect to spend a day and a half on this system.

We also intend visiting three of the smaller heritage steam lines on the Island and expect to include a day at Cregneash Open Air Museum in the south of the Island near Port St Mary; this was the first such Museum in Britain and paved the way for others to follow in future years. Jurby in the north of the Island also has two excellent road transport museums and should the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway be operational by then we will include this in the itinerary.

If photography of vintage transport of all kinds, and particularly heritage railways, is your interest there are few better places to savour it than in the Isle of Man.

If this tour interests you, please let us know so that we can make sure that you receive updated information as it becomes available, including accommodation options, prices and an opportunity to book your outstanding transport photography experience.