Sandstone accommodation

Sandstone can offer accommodation for over 60 guests, from self-contained cottages to railway carriages.
Bedding and basic toiletries are included.
Sandstone is a 15 minute drive from Ficksburg, the nearest town offering alternative accommodation.
Staying on the farm offers many advantages:
Affordable accommodation and no transfer costs result in a cheaper package.
The best times for photography are sunrise and sunset, staying on site makes this more sociable.
Partners are not inconvenienced by early or late transfers.
The estate is a safe environment, ideal for relaxation.

Victorian Cottages

Six Victorian Cottages offer accommodation for up to 24 people.
Each cottage has a lounge, kitchen and bathroom with shower. They can sleep four in two twin-bedded rooms.

Victoria Cottage
Victoria Cottage

Railway Cottages

The Railway Cottages offer accommodation for eight people in four twin bedded rooms with a bathroom with shower.

Railway cottages
Railway cottages

Railway Carriages

Sandstone’s collection of ex South African Railways main line sleeper coaches are available for accommodation.
The coaches are period pieces but have been refurbished for clean, comfortable and affordable accommodation
for our guests. All of the units are situated on-rail under cover close to the Waenhuis restaurant.
The coaches offer economical and interesting accommodation.
They have basic facilities well suited for railfans on a budget, but they are not recommended for elderly clients or couples who may find the small cabin size and lack of en-suite facilities too restricting.
Electric lighting, a mattress, bedding and basic toiletries are provided. The coaches do not have on-board showers or toilets, there is a small ablution block adjacent and a larger block nearby.


Coach “Madala”
Part of a twin dining car with a kitchen at one end and cabins at the other.
2 single and 2 twin cabins (Cabins A and B are twin, cabins C and D are single).

Coach 14277
E-16 2nd Class mainline (steel) Metropolitan C&W 1950.
Wood panelled clerestory roofed mainline coach.
3 single and 5 twin cabins (Cabins B, C, D, G and H are twin, cabins A, E and F are single).

Coach 8456
C-34 1st Class mainline (steel) Metropolitan C&W 1950.
This coach has three cabins at one end and an open section at the other.
1 single and 2 twin cabins (Cabins A and B are twin, cabin C is single).

Coach 14279
E-16 2nd Class mainline (steel) Metropolitan C&W 1950.
Wood panelled clerestory roofed mainline coach.
3 single and 5 twin cabins (Cabins A, B, E, F, G are twin and C, D and H are single).


Chief engineer’s coach
Comprising a lounge, bathroom  (not working) and kitchen (not working).
3 single cabins.

Coach 288
AA-29 Kitchen Car Pretoria 1937.
Larger dining cars in South Africa used two coaches, the first offering about 42 seats and the second comprised a kitchen and staff accommodation that was similar to mainline sleeper coaches.
2 single and 2 twin cabins (Cabins 1 and 2 are twins and cabins 3 and 4 are single).

Senior superintendent’s coach
Comprising a lounge, bathroom (not working) three cabins and a kitchen (not working).
3 single cabins.

Ablution block

A small ablution block is located adjacent to the railway carriages, a larger block with more comprehensive ladies and gents facilities is located a short walk away.

Ablution block